Sunday, May 24, 2009

You know it is bad...

You know it is bad when people randomly come up and tell you, "It wasn't that bad."

Those of you who were in my ward today already know what I am talking about.

For the rest of you... this is what happened...

I was asked to fill in for the organist in sacrament meeting. The opening hymn was not only an uncommon one, it was an incredibly difficult one to play on the organ due to the bass cleff notes that were all over the place. To put a long story short, I COMPLETELY BOTCHED the hymn. Once I missed a few notes I just got all flustered, and I just couldn't get anything right. I hate to admit this, but it was so bad that I literally wanted to cry. I knew the congregation had to have noticed, but it was just more and more confirmed to me as the day went on. The bishop even said over the pulpit, "We want to thank Sister Scott for filling in on the organ. We all know it is hard to fill in when we keep switching the hymns at the last minute." (Obviously, he wouldn't have said that if I had actually played the hymn well, or at least semi-well.) After sacrament meeting I had several people come up and say things like, "It wasn't that bad" and other such well intentioned words. One woman, who is rather quiet and has never even spoken to me before actually took me by the arm and said, "You are so brave. I just felt so bad for you up there."

So, yeah, it was bad. But thank-you to all those of you who tried to make me feel like it wasn't that bad.