Thursday, April 10, 2008

Memphis, Tennessee

In October I had a 2 week training for work in Memphis, TN. 2 weeks was just too long for me to be away from my Sammy (especially since he had recently spent 2 weeks away at his own training in Utah), so I had him fly out for the weekend in between. This is what we did:

We went to Elvis Presley’s house, more commonly known as Graceland.

We also visited the hotel where Martin Luther King was shot. It has since been turned into the National Civil Rights Museum.

Perhaps the highlight was when we visited the Peabody Hotel which is famous for having these ducks that swim in a fountain in the hotel’s lobby. At 5:00 every night a special tune is played and these ducks march in a single file line out of the fountain, down a red carpet, and onto an elevator which leads them up to the roof where they spend the night in an outdoor cage. Kinda wierd if you ask me.

You can kinda see the red carpet in the top of the picture below.

Notice the sign for the "Duck Palace."

This is the Duck Palace. Some palace, huh?

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Kara said...

I love that you went to Memphis!!!!! So much fun, I hold a dear place in my heart for that city since I lived there for a little while!