Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Finally Updated My Blog!


When Sam and I first moved to Missouri we set a goal to attend the temple once per month. Seeing as our closest temple is nearly 3 hours away (the Winter Quarters temple in Omaha), this has been quite the commitment - mostly because it requires us to give up one Saturday a month.

I am proud to report that we have not yet missed a month!

In March Sam and I had only one Saturday available to go to the temple, and one week before we were to go, we learned that the Winter Quarters temple was closed for cleaning. My first thought was, "Well, its the thought that counts, right? If the temple were open we would go, but it isn't, so I guess we'll stay home and play!" But my conscience wouldn't let me think that way. After a few battles back and forth between the little devil on my left shoulder and the little angel on my right shoulder, the little angel won. So Sam and I packed our bags for a little overnight trip to St. Louis.

Of course the main purpose of the trip was to go to the temple, but since neither of us had been to St. Louis, we spent the afternoon in downtown St. Louis. And who can go to St. Louis without a trip to the famous gateway arch?

We rode to the top of the arch in one of these tiny egg cells with a couple of strangers. Thankfully the ride to the top was only 4 minutes, and thankfully neither one of us has claustrophobia. Sam was wearing his CTR ring and one of the "strangers" in our cell recognized it. They were a couple of Mormons visiting from Washington. Those Mormons are everywhere!

Here is the view of the "Mighty Mississippi."

I'm so used to gorgeous white capped mountain rivers in Idaho that I found the Mississippi to be disappointingly ugly.

I think they should call it the "Murky Mississippi."


We got a piano and I LOVE it. I feel like such a grown-up having a piano of my own.
The only thing I don't like about having the piano is that everytime I sit down to play I am reminded of how much better I used to be. I never thought I would lose my ability to play, but I have learned the hard way the lesson taught in "The Parable of the Talents." If you bury your talent, the Lord will take it away.

I've been doing a bit of painting around the house.
When we moved into our house the downstairs bathroom was a boring sage green, and the upstairs spare bathroom was an ugly lavender. I hated both of the colors, but I hated the process of painting too...
...But you know how sometimes you just get it in your mind that you want to do something? Well, one day I just got it in my mind that I was going to paint these bathrooms. They were random, spur of the moment projects, but I am very happy with the outcomes!




Like always, I've kept myself busy with my crafts. As of right now, I think that knitting is my craft of choice. (Jewelry making still comes in as a close second, but currently knitting is my favorite.)

Most of what I make I give away as presents. (I apologize to those of you out there who are sick of getting homemade gifts from me.) Here are a couple of pictures of some knitted projects that I have given away as baby gifts.


Brooke said...

I am very impressed! I love your new paint colors, and I think your knitting projects look great! I hope things are well with you. Did you get my email I sent awhile ago?

JoJo said...

Thanks for the update. You guys always look like you are having a great time.

Chloe and Tyler said...

It looks like more than one person has asked you for an update, see how much people love you. I absolutely love those bathrooms, I can't wait to have own a house and use you to decorate it:D Love the piano and knitting. I think you should have twins so the boy can wear the boots and the girl can wear the hat, sound good?

BreeAnn and Travis said...

Lace, I love your spur of the moment craft ideas. Remember the U3 sweatshirts! I still have mine--the memories are too great to throw it away. I miss you guys! We are going to try to take a trip out your way to visit Trav's old mission grounds. Right now we're looking at the end of September first part of October, so make sure you don't decide to take a spur of the moment trip during that time. I just can't go all the way to Missouri and not see you. Love you to pieces!

KC Mom said...

Yeah! It's about time!
That St. Louis arch trip looks way scarier than the London Eye! And you're right...the river is very murky.
The paint made a HUGE difference and I bet you love it! I love what paint can do.
Your knitted projects are so darling!!

Marc and Liz Anson said...

Busy, busy, busy! I love the new paint jobs in the bathrooms. I need to be more daring with colors I think. I'm just so scared that I'll hate it or get bored with it. So I go with the plain white walls and accent with bright colors. It's a little easier to change I think.

I forgot to get Katrina's e-mail yesterday but I have to call her today so I'll ask for it then. Can't wait to see you guys in August!!

Trinette Hayslip said...

Nice to see what you have been up to lately! Next time you go to St Louis, if ever, let us know. It is not too far from us.
Love the 2 bathroom colors! I have the same dilemma with our 1/2 bath downstairs and our master bath. I want to paint them, just hate painting, esp a bathroom because of the mirror and the toilet. Maybe you have inspired me.
Miss you.

Sam Ransom said...

You crack me up!! You go forever and then have these huge posts!! St. Louis is really neat. We love to go to the zoo there- it is free!! We didn't get to do the arch last time because of time. But I want to go back and try.

I think you are great a piano. I never heard a mess up at church. But practice is the key- that is why I never got that good. I couldn't get myself to practice enough.

The bathrooms look great! That is my next project is my bathrooms, but I'm trying to wait and not spend too much.

Your knitting is so GREAT! I must say that is a hobby I haven't picked up yet. But I love your little baby things!

Ryan & Tiffany said...

Good for you guys and your temple record! The arch looks fun. Ry and I went to the arch, but didn't get to go up due to RYan's fear of heights. Please tease him the next time you see him. :) And I'm so glad we're friends so your craftiness can hopefully rub off a little on me. I love your paint colors and your crochet crafts turned out SO cute. Bailey loves her bib you made. It comes in handy when she is teething and drools all over herself, it's the perfect size. I'm excited for the next craft night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber said...

Oh yeah an update!! I've been waiting months for this! You have inspired me to get on the ball with the temple trips- I thinks it's great that you guys make such an effort to go. And the pink hat with the flower- LOVE IT! You might have to teach me that one. See you soon.

Russell and Jillian said...

I'm so glad that I've actually seen all those rooms in person! It was so fun to visit you a few weeks ago and hopefully I can do it again and stay longer!

Andrea said...

You are so stylish, Lace! Can I hire you when we get a house? I love hearing about how you're doing...keep the posts comin'!

Heather said...

I was the lucky recipient of one of your knitting projects! I love the hat and booties. The bathrooms look fantastic!

Lindsey said...

I am so jealous of your new piano! I found your blog and was seeing all the fun things that you have been doing! I love the changes to the rooms in your house!
Lindsey Waddoups (Lovell)

Nicole said...

Wow, you are one busy girl. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time in St. Louis. And I love all your remodeling projects, they look great.

Charlotte said...

Hope these cute items are what you're making for your baby?!! eh??