Saturday, August 2, 2008

Conway Castle

Since I've been back from England it seems that everyone asks,

"What was your favorite thing?"

To be honest, I had lots of favorite things, but if I had to pick my most favorite, I'd probably have to say exploring Conway Castle in Wales. Unlike so many of the museums and other historic buildings we went to, this place had no restrictions. We could explore wherever we wanted, touch whatever we wanted, and take pictures of whatever we wanted... and on top of that, this castle was by far the coolest old building we saw.


Marc & Liz Anson said...

Looks like that would be my favorite place too. It's beautiful...we will put that on our list of places to go.

Russell and Jillian said...

Wow! That is so amazing and once again makes me want to visit there. That is one of the coolest castles I've seen! Thanks for posting them.