Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sam's Childhood Home

It was very surreal to stand in front of Sam's childhood house and think he actually lived here. Obviously, I knew that he was born and spent his early years in Rochdale, England, but for some reason that seemed to far away, so unreal.

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Aubrey & Mandy Dustin said...

Hey, guys! So, first of all, I had no idea that Sam grew up in England! Huh. Crazy. I'm so excited to find your blog! By the way, we live in Missouri now! We're only a few hours away from you in Waynesville, right by Ft. Leonard Wood. We'll be here until the first of January. I'm here with the kids right now (we have four now!! So fun) and Aub'll be here in three weeks, and we want to come see some church history sites, so we should totally get together!! It'd be great to see you again. e-mail me at mandydustin at reachhighdesign dot com. Talk to ya soon!