Saturday, August 2, 2008

The House of the Lord

The London, England Temple

As trite as this may sound, one of our neatest experiences on this trip was being able to go to the temple. Before going to the temple, we had seen so many beautiful and historic cathedrals, all of which were extremely showy, known for their elaborate architecture and decor. But the London Temple was different. It was much simpler, and yet, it felt so different. It was peaceful there. The spirit was there.

This is the temple where Sam's parents were married nearly 35 years ago. They were married in a very private sealing with just themselves, the temple sealer, and the 2 witnesses. Because there was no crowd of friends and family, their wedding took place in a small, intimate sealing room just off the balcony which looked down over the Celestial Room. Sam and I were able to go into this room which marked the beginning of the eternal Scott family.

We also did a session at the Preston, England temple. This wasn't nearly as sentimental for us, but it was a beautiful temple nonetheless.

(Plus, we counted this as our July temple attendance and saved ourselves the 3 hour drive up to Winter Quarters!)


Marc & Liz Anson said...

3 hour drive! Sort of makes you miss living in Ogden right?

HartleyFam said...

Lacy, if you guys are going to make a three hour drive, you should stop by my house. As of next week I will be living in Omaha as I go to medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. We could put you guys up for the night or at least we could take you to dinner.
Jeremy Hartley